Charcoal Portrait Drawing


Charcoal Portrait Drawing


Hand-drawn portraits are more than an image, they are a memory. The marks on the page represent a person’s appearance and their personality. The careful, time-intensive process of placing one line after another weaves together a vision of those we know, and the space between the lines allows us to see through the image to the person within. 


Capture the memory of you or a loved one, and enjoy it forever. Great for gifts for your significant other, close friends or family, portraits can be given year-round as a wonderful surprise. The hand-made quality makes them a unique, thoughtful gesture, and they are a great way to mark a special time in your life. 

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Portraits drawn in charcoal on high-quality, 11x14 in. archival paper (Frame not included).

Portraits include the head and shoulders.

Up to 3 minor revisions included per piece. The artist will charge hourly for additional changes.

Once confirmed, portraits will be delivered or shipped to patron by the artist.

This transaction is for the original artwork only. No transfer of reproduction rights is included in the transaction, and the artist retains all rights.

Rushed jobs may be subject to an additional fee.



Upon receipt of payment, the artist will contact the patron to discuss the project and obtain appropriate reference images.

When the portrait is completed, the artist will send the patron an image for review. 

Once the image is accepted, the artist will deliver or ship the original artwork to the patron.