Steven Roberson is a freelance artist living in Savannah, GA. He obtained his Master of Fine Arts in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2018 and his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sequential Art in 2012. He also studied at Georgia Southern University and the Academy of Classical Design for a season.

A major theme of Steven's work is discovery. He loves historical and fantasy settings and has been influenced by fine art, illustration, film, video games, animation, comics and more. He studies historical technology and methods as a part of his practice. His broad range of stylistic approaches are influenced by different movements of art, especially the Baroque period and the golden age of illustration. He uses light, color and composition to symbolically express story moments. He is adept in both digital and traditional media, and is constantly innovating his approach to using the strengths of both formats.

Beyond art, Steven enjoys soccer, ice cream and a good pun.